12 countries:

Algeria, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia,

20 Leading and influential women

An Idea: Delivering Region Leadership to Women

A Vision: The Mediterranean Macro-region – A new model of integrated development between the two shores.

A date: November 15-16 – 2019

A city symbol of change: Palermo

A Network and a name: Jasmine – The story of a ransom

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MEDITER is selecting women writers from the two shores of the Mediterranean and Europe, which can be part of a series of stories that, if worth it and most importantly original and authentic, we will have the pleasure to publish, offering a free of charge editorial contract.

We guarantee the graphic design of the cover, editing, organisation of the presentation and introduction of the book, Isbn code, online promotion, dissemination and distribution on national territory.

For further information or for sending your manuscript please contact us at [email protected]

The email should contain a short biography of the writer, generalities and a short summary of the manuscript. If it is in line with the editorial project objectives and criteria of the series of books you will be contacted back.

The sent manuscript will be not sent back, however all of you will be given an answer.

The data privacy will be guaranteed.

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