12 countries:

Algeria, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia,

20 Leading and influential women

An Idea: Delivering Region Leadership to Women

A Vision: The Mediterranean Macro-region – A new model of integrated development between the two shores.

A date: November 15-16 – 2019

A city symbol of change: Palermo

A Network and a name: Jasmine – The story of a ransom

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The world is mine (The book)
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A woman is born and trained in a world dominated by men. Her story will be conditioned by this discovery and soon this woman will be called to make difficult choices.

In this journey, there is a first critical point. Many women are aware, but do not always have the strength and self-esteem necessary to accept the consequences.

Mediter publishes a book- interview at 20 female leaders from 12 Mediterranean countries in 5 languages. Stories of love and resistance. Testimonies of struggle and courage. Dedicated to new generations of women.

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