Beneficiary women
Hours of training

Public Sector

Theme one

Conciliatory policies and corporate well-being, joint opportunities and contrast to discrimination

Guarantee the sustainability of women managers and support, optimize their public and private relations and their working relation. It involves transferring a model, a work system that integrates women’s work and existential conditions, based on the idea that existential well-being is directly proportional to the performance and quality of work.

Theme two

Sustainable development and creation of microenterprises

The training consisted in explaining the territorial development and the creation of creative and cultural enterprises. In addition, it included innovation in traditional production sectors: textiles and textiles. Also one of the topics of the training was thee sustainable development and global networks. The living laboratory / tutorial approach.

Theme Three

Cultural policies and strategies for tourism and valorisation of the territory

Concept – Design and implementation of cultural policies designed to promote territorial marketing and, more generally, the enhancement of the territory and to build a complex tourist system.

Environnement / Aspect Social

Theme four

Minors and Policies for Children and Adolescents

Deepen the mutual knowledge on the operating practices in the matter of minors and services dedicated to them. Identify replicable experiences both in Algeria and vice versa

Theme five

Foreign minors and the concordance with the Institutions

Share a universal culture of childhood rights using an operational model. meetings with the Guarantor, with the guardians and with the representatives of the institutions that collaborate in taking charge of unaccompanied foreign minors.

Theme six

Violence Against Women

The training focused on various delicate points, such as the phenomenon of male violence against women and young women in Palermo; The Anti-violence Network of the City of Palermo; The sheltering of women in difficulty at Case Refuge and Reception Houses; The path of escape from violence towards autonomy; The role of Third Sector Organizations in awareness raising and the emergence of the phenomenon; Visit and best practices of projects in the area;

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